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You have just successfully installed CRE Loaded Oscommerce version 6.2 Business to Business Edtion!

Login to your admin here with the username and password you set up during installation.

loaded bosex

CRE Loaded B2B Version is the perfect application to power your e-Commerce websites. However, if you need features that only a Pro-level application can deliver, please take a look at all the powerful options our Pro Version adds. If you are looking to deploy a powerful Business to Business solution, our Pro B2B has added features to enhance sales and productivity.

Feel free to contact us for more details or usage guidlines.

Features Standard Pro Pro B2B
Multple Product Images yes yes yes
Coupons and Vouchers yes yes yes
Templating System yes yes yes
CRE Checkout Success Module System yes yes yes
Ship Wire Order Fulfillment Integration yes yes yes
CRE Credit Card Encryption yes yes yes
CRE Page Manager yes yes yes
CRE Language File Editor yes yes yes
Attribute Option Type Features yes yes yes
Tiny MCE WYSIWYG Editor throughout Admin yes yes yes
Algozone Fraud Zone yes yes yes
FAQ Manager (Replaces FAQDesk) yes yes yes
Article Manager (Replaces NewsDesk) yes yes yes
New Report: Sales Report 2 yes yes yes
New Report: Customer State/Zip Code Mismatch yes yes yes
New Report: Customer Statistics yes yes yes
New Report: Daily Products Report yes yes yes
New Report: Articles Viewed yes yes yes
Update : Wishlist to 5.15 yes yes yes
Update: Affiliate Program to 2.5a yes yes yes
Payment Module Updates : UK support yes yes yes
New Shipping Module: AusPOST yes yes yes
New Shipping Module: Canada Post yes yes yes
New Shipping Module: Royal Mail yes yes yes
CRE Sub Product Choices no yes yes
CRE Bulk Attribute Manager no yes yes
Multiple Products Manager no yes yes
Product Extra Fields no yes yes
Credit Card Encryption Manager no yes yes
Credit Card Blacklist no yes yes
Specials by Category no yes yes
New Report: Generate Order List (Order List 3.1) no yes yes
Customer State Mismatch Report no yes yes
Google Ads removed no yes yes
Separate Price Groups no no yes

Per Product Qty Discount

no no yes
Require Login to See Content no no yes
Approve Account no no yes
Limited 30 Day Support no no yes
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