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Gallagher Catalogus 2012
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Gallagher Turbonet [022106]

Euro Netting. Very high quality netting. With a stranded cord, which re-inforces the top wire by 80%, for greater conductivity. The bottom wire is dead to avoid shorting due to pasture growth. Each 50m roll consists of 8-10 horizontal stainless steel Polywires and 14 or 15 posts which are easily inserted into the ground. 25m nets available upon request.

The Gallagher Turbonetting needs to be used with a energizer.

Geitennet, dubbele pen, 106cm [022212]  131.16  Quantity :
Geitennet, enkele pen, 106cm [022168]  116.92  Quantity :
Hobby net, groen, enkele pen, 65cm [024377]  101.63  Quantity :
Kippennet, dubbele pen, 112cm [022403]  151.50  Quantity :
Kippennet, enkele pen, 112cm [022229]  131.16  Quantity :
Konijnennet, enkele pen, 65cm [022182]  101.63  Quantity :
Schapennet, dubbele pen, 90cm [022175]  101.63  Quantity :
Schapennet, enkele pen, 90cm [022106]  91.46  Quantity :
Turbo net, dubbele pen, 90cm [025473]  121.00  Quantity :
Turbo net, enkele pen, 90cm [010493]  101.63  Quantity :
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