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Gallagher Catalogus 2012
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Gallagher M50 [038332]  115.00 

Easy to operate mains equipment for short runs of fencing, specially suitable for domestic pets. Very easy to install using the wall clip supplied. With integrated lightning protection.

Output voltage:  6000 Volt
Voltage at a 500 Ohm load:  3000 Volt
Stored energy:  0,5 Joules
Output energy:  0,3 Joules
Power Consumption:  0,5 Watt
Max. Length (CEE):  3 km
Max. Length (Gallagher):  1 km
Max. Length (little plant growth):  0 km
Max. Length (heavy plant growth):  0 km
Minimum amount earth stakes:  1x 1m needed
On/Off light:  yes
Built-in lightning diverter:  yes
Output voltage O.K. light:  no
Led bar graph:  no
Display fence voltage:  no
Display earth voltage:  no
Alarm-indicator fence voltage:  no
Alarm-indicator earth voltage:  no
Terminal reference earth:  no
Full / half power switch:  no
Opti-pulse technology:  no
Guarantee:  2 year
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