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Gallagher M1200i [303307]  599.00 

Strong, low impedance , high voltage energiser with the latest digital technology providing trouble free usage for years. High power output for permanent fencing. Low power output for small paddocks. Comes with built-in lightning protection. Designed for large farms/fences and suited for all animals. Will operate up to 32km of fencing.

Output voltage:  8100 Volt
Voltage at a 500 Ohm load:  8100 Volt
Stored energy:  11 Joules
Output energy:  6,6 Joules
Power Consumption:  10,8 Watt
Max. Length (CEE):  144 km
Max. Length (Gallagher):  32 km
Max. Length (little plant growth):  13 km
Max. Length (heavy plant growth):  6 km
Minimum amount earth stakes:  4x 2m needed
Bentonite Super Earthing Mix:  1 package needed
On/Off light:  yes
Built-in lightning diverter:  yes
Output voltage O.K. light:  no
Led bar graph:  yes
Display fence voltage:  no
Display earth voltage:  yes
Alarm-indicator fence voltage:  yes
Alarm-indicator earth voltage:  no
Terminal reference earth:  option
Full / half power switch:  yes
Opti-pulse technology:  no
Terminal earth return wire:  option
Terminal reference earth:  option
Connection external alarm unit:  yes
12V Battery backup:  option
Adaptive energy control:  yes
Security with short-circuit:  yes
Guarantee:  2 year
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